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The Second World War


Lord knows there have been countless histories written about the war of all wars, but sometimes you just have to wonder at the total massiveness of the whole affair.

A real, tremendous, and noble cause was created in the effort to end the terrible tyranny that spread over so much of the globe. World War II might have been the only legitimate war in history. And even in that legitimacy a pall of true horror resonates through the history books. The world does owe something to those that were involved. No, it is not because they fought. That would be crude, simplistic, and barbaric. Rather, the people of the era are owed because of a willingness to make things right in the world. War is evil. And faux patriotism is a mockery of those that are involved in the horrible acts of war. But in this instance, this one time in history, it is nice to think upon the effort by the victors as something real or lasting. It is nice to think that the sacrifices made by so many are not in vain.

The great voice of the era said it best:

"Never in the field of human conflict has so much been owed by so many to so few."
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