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The Fables of RH

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10/16/05 03:00 am - The Irish

College Football is so strange.

I won't make any bones about it: Notre Dame should have won today. The Irish PLAYED LIKE CHAMPIONS TODAY. History was alive in South Bend. It was an awesome sight. Montana, Notre Dame Stadium, Montana, and the Green jerseys - Notre Dame is the school of magic. It was so fun watching them today. The program is the stuff of legend. And today the players played like the legends that came before them. They played like champions. Somehow it seems wrong that USC won the football game. Really, it does. Notre Dame outplayed, outcoached, and out-mystified USC today. And they lost. It was a pity. I actually thought, for a long while, that the magic was strong enough to beat an NFL team. Magic alone very nearly did. Wouldn't it have been nice?

But I know this for sure: in the lunacy that surrounded Weis/Meyer/Spurrier the clear winner is Notre Dame. UF has another not-the-real-deal coach, South Carolina has a great coach and no talent, and Notre Dame finally has the magic back. Thank God UF stole Meyer from ND. THANK GOD. It's worth being a College Football Fan just to watch the magic in South Bend. How have we lived without it?

10/12/05 11:45 pm - Springtime for...

Saw Ann Coulter on T.V tonight.

Why is it that everytime I see her I can't help but think of an introduction?

"Ann, meet Eva. Eva, meet Ann..."


10/12/05 11:04 pm - Of Course...

The only reason I care (see entry on SCOTUS, POTUS, and POO) is because it really is a great country (ours), and I sure do hate to see it giving off a stench...

10/12/05 09:10 pm - SCOTUS, POTUS, AND POO

I just don't understand all of this...

Bush's nominee is under attack for her lack of Constitutional Law credentials, and how does Bush respond???


So, in other words, she's in this position because she'll rule from the Bible?!?

This is rapidly approaching the status of either outrage or farce. Take your pick.

What a crock of useless horse shit this administration has become!

That's right folks! We have elected a group of shit shovelers. Not too sure about that last comment? Try the FIRST AMENDMENT. Last I checked it wasn't in Leviticus.

10/6/05 11:29 pm - Crash


Anyone that hasn't seen the movie "Crash" really should rent it - NOW.

There are some small problems with it, but I think overall it has such interesting (and important) things to say about race that it's an excellent film.



9/29/05 12:45 am - Hey, Mr. Soul!

Events, as they so often do, have moved America. We're having national debates without an election. Outside the elite classes this seems rather novel behavior. Katrina/Rita, The High Court, a substantial (and legitimate?) anti-war movement, gas prices, scandal, and strong political dissatisfaction have all emerged as major issues in this election off-year. Some of us see this as an opportunity to raise major discussions regarding race, economic disparity and poverty, sustainable development in terms of energy and city/environmental issues, the legal process, and doctrinal policymaking. Indeed, with nothing to be 'won' or 'lost' until late next year, why shouldn't we be engaging these issues with real national discussion and debate?

There is a veritable laundry list of issues with which legitimate debate should occur. For example:

1. New Orleans - what should the future of this city be?

2. What should happen if some sort of ideological loon is appointed to The Court by Bush? He appointed a very serious Judge the last time around, and not too many people had too many problems. What happens if this time he appoints someone with ideology first in mind, and places the objective of an unbiased judiciary second (I personally would be ready to wage holy hell, but what of others? What of Democrats?)?

3. What should be done about a timetable in Iraq? Phrases like 'short-term' don't apply so much in Iraq anymore. After all, it has been a multi-year project to date. When is it time to start asking serious questions about long-term goals, and continuing U.S. involvement?

4. When is a CONSERVATIVE administration going to start taking the issues of race/poverty/and economic inequality seriously? These issues, in the wake of Katrina/Rita, are no longer ideological differences but issues of pressing need and reality. What will conservatives do about it? What should the historical legacy of the conservative approach to these issues be?

5. What should this country do about its energy crisis? We are beholden to OPEC, we are beholden to the smooth operation of nature, and we are beholden to low-prices. Is this country still willing to chase its tail on these issues in the near and distant future?

We appear to be heading towards a fascinating political season. Currently, all signs point to domination by the Democrats in the mid-terms. But the short-term dissatisfaction with the current conservative majority may not be indicative of long-term dissatisfaction. Since 1980 there has been a mostly uninterrupted, bold, and sweeping conservative dominance over mainstream American politics. It is fast becoming time for Americans to decide the verdict on the conservative policies of the last 25 years. The aforementioned issues (lingering, but raised in prominence this last year) suggest a re-evaluation of the courses we have previously set is in order. This demands more involvement in the political process than reactionary voting to social issues. Will we do it? Will we hunt for the 'soul' of the country? Or will we continue to muddle through these issues? Now, in the political 'silly season' is the time to have the debate. So, let's go...

9/25/05 02:53 pm - Myers-Briggs


Well, this keeps coming up with my friends and I. So, here is my Myers-Briggs test result:

Your Type is
Introverted Intuitive Feeling Judging
Strength of the preferences %
22 12 12 11

Qualitative analysis of your type formula

You are:
slightly expressed introvert

slightly expressed intuitive personality

slightly expressed feeling personality

slightly expressed judging personality


For links about my personality type:





To take your own personality test (not the official one, but basically matching the results of my 'official' test) go to this link:



Enjoy the results! I am a huge fan of this test, and I think that it's an example of the best kind of personal evaluation. Feel free to tell me your results!



8/15/05 01:21 am - The Second World War


Lord knows there have been countless histories written about the war of all wars, but sometimes you just have to wonder at the total massiveness of the whole affair.

A real, tremendous, and noble cause was created in the effort to end the terrible tyranny that spread over so much of the globe. World War II might have been the only legitimate war in history. And even in that legitimacy a pall of true horror resonates through the history books. The world does owe something to those that were involved. No, it is not because they fought. That would be crude, simplistic, and barbaric. Rather, the people of the era are owed because of a willingness to make things right in the world. War is evil. And faux patriotism is a mockery of those that are involved in the horrible acts of war. But in this instance, this one time in history, it is nice to think upon the effort by the victors as something real or lasting. It is nice to think that the sacrifices made by so many are not in vain.

The great voice of the era said it best:

"Never in the field of human conflict has so much been owed by so many to so few."

7/29/05 12:49 am - I LOVE Christmas Music


CHAN IS GETTING MARRIED! I'm thrilled! Got the invitation today!


And to Jim: Congrads!

As for me... I think I'll go to the wedding as Dumbledore! But, you never know... it is a while off yet!


P.S. You have to understand that it's a very special wedding, and I'm all for it!

7/28/05 08:18 pm - Basil Speaks...

'"I'm not a prude, but..." really means "I am a prude, and..."

- John Cleese
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