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The Irish

College Football is so strange.

I won't make any bones about it: Notre Dame should have won today. The Irish PLAYED LIKE CHAMPIONS TODAY. History was alive in South Bend. It was an awesome sight. Montana, Notre Dame Stadium, Montana, and the Green jerseys - Notre Dame is the school of magic. It was so fun watching them today. The program is the stuff of legend. And today the players played like the legends that came before them. They played like champions. Somehow it seems wrong that USC won the football game. Really, it does. Notre Dame outplayed, outcoached, and out-mystified USC today. And they lost. It was a pity. I actually thought, for a long while, that the magic was strong enough to beat an NFL team. Magic alone very nearly did. Wouldn't it have been nice?

But I know this for sure: in the lunacy that surrounded Weis/Meyer/Spurrier the clear winner is Notre Dame. UF has another not-the-real-deal coach, South Carolina has a great coach and no talent, and Notre Dame finally has the magic back. Thank God UF stole Meyer from ND. THANK GOD. It's worth being a College Football Fan just to watch the magic in South Bend. How have we lived without it?
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